MAA Collection

Miami, FL  |  2012.02


The refinement of joinery techniques was the main focus for the BANQUETA project. Utilizing wood as the medium for this exercise, the art of joinery beautifully articulated by the Japanese culture was substantially referenced as guidelines. In learning the art of making it was also necessary to understand where and when such joints were to be applied. With the knowledge gained, the design focus shifted in applying the techniques yet in an unconventional manner, infusing a certain type of joint for example where it would seem unnecessary - simply for the sake of displaying the joint's beauty. The BANQUETA was the first chair project and needless to say mistakes were made. In the process of making, designing, and carefully observing an object, familiar meaning disappear and were replaced by a deeper understanding of the relationship between component parts, maker and object, user and object, and object and its environment - the design approach here is a dynamic process, never at ease. In this process of making I discover, learn, and reinterpret mistakes so to infuse them back into the order as a new system. From this project on, the acceptance of a mistake became much part of the initial design as any other pre-conceived decision. As if it were to be expected, the sporadic mistake is integrated into the process of making, creating a new unique system of order thus elevating its originality.

Pallet wood  /  Reclaimed mahogany  /  Maple  /  Repurposed steel