MAA Collection

Miami, FL  |  2013.08


The B.B. FRAME explored the issue of excessive articulation of connections between members of a whole. Every expressed structural moment is a manifestation of multiple smaller and weaker connections, an additive behavior from micro to macro scale that gives life to the language of the whole. There are two systems utilized, that of the linear and of the point. The linear system creates continuity and discontinuity of boundaries, it also creates mass with the void produced between members. In the linear system, the members are generally stacked next or on top of each other. The point system suggests change in scale as well as moments of pause for the wandering eyes. Those part of the point system are: the nails, dowels, and rods that perforate two or more members together to group them into place.

Pallet wood  /  Plexiglass  /  White oak dowels  /  1/8" steel rods  /  Finishing nails