Framed artwork by Christy Everett.

Framed artwork by Christy Everett.


In collaboration with Christy Everett of Responde

Miami Art Basel | 2012.11


This project was a collaboration with furniture designer Christy Everett during the 2012 Miami Art Basel. Everett was responsible for the framed art piece, a cluster of strings made of reclaimed textile material from used umbrellas, squeezed between two sheets of plexiglass. Along with the testing of previous design issues, the questioning of depth and layering constructed the framework for this prototype. Emphasizing depth by layering one frame within a larger frame, enabled the design to engage the observer through frames of view that simulated a one point perspective, thus instead of guiding the observer's eyes in a circuit it suggests a focal point that zooms in and out of focus.

Reclaimed Brazilian cedar   /  Plexiglass  /  White oak dowels  /  Stainless steel hardware