MAA Collection

Miami, FL | 2012.10


This exercise was driven entirely by intuition. The project itself failed as a design, it was too heavy and difficult to operate. However, it was liberating in a way that certain ideas continued to be tested and analyzed. The initial purpose of the project was to design an object that could be installed onto a moving object so that time and space could be explored as means to generate furniture. In the end the photographs taken from the inside of a car revealed beautiful distorted moments of reality. Although the project was a failure to its original purpose, it left me thinking: during the day-to-day routine, the urban dweller travels from A to B without fully experiencing or appreciating the in-between of his/her journey - a destructive habit that only concerns with what is to come instead of what is now. How can we use our means to perceive and re-frame the familiarity of our everyday life in a way that clarifies the reality of our surrounding and promotes truthful dwelling?

Pallet wood  /  Plexiglass  /  Reclaimed steel  /  tainless steel hardware