Framed photograph by Joyce D'Amore Junior.

Framed photograph by Joyce D'Amore Junior.


Jason & Amanda Skalko

Miami, FL  |  2012.08


This project initiated a long lasting exploration of utilizing standard readily available materials and hardware to be used in unconventional ways, enhancing or reiterating its functional value. Such a method of material application have been carried on through most of the subsequent projects, however for this prototype it was realized through the simple questioning of how to hold the glass within the frame.

Utilizing the brass hardware to balance the scale of the composition, it also holds the glass and enables it to be easily replaced when necessary. The four 1/8" plain steel angle that constructs the frame are welded at all four ends. In addition every corner is reinforced with a steel rod (welded on) that protrudes the overlapping steel angle pieces and marries both members to form each corner.

On the front elevation of the frame the small rod remains leveled with the steel angle's surface, however on the back it extends 1/4" outward so only the tip of the four rods remain to touch the surface of the wall to which the frame would be hung onto.

Furthermore, the frame is designed so that both sides can be utilized. On one side the steel angle frame has no finish and its brass hardware is exposed. On the flip side, the brass hardware is hidden from view and the entire surface of the steel frame is polished with a hand grinder to acquire a rough finish. 

Steel  /  Glass  /  Brass hardware