MAA Collection

Miami, FL | 2012.10


The language developed for the various relationships between components, be that materiality or how certain connections occur, orbits around strong moments of juxtaposing elements. The frame bounces back and forth from being a heavily structured object yet delicately contained. Its brute elements like the red clamp fore example, creates a strong impact on the frame's fragile character when in contrast with the glass it holds without cracking. Included in the argument of juxtaposing elements, the coldness of the steel hardware used as minimal yet a powerful gesture, balances the warmth of the heavy rectangular wooden pieces - one displayed horizontally and the other vertically.

Stainless Steel  /  Pallet wood  /  Glass  /  Red clamps

Framed photograph by Joyce D'Amore Junior.

Framed photograph by Joyce D'Amore Junior.